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Thank you for your interest in joining the Ledford & Parker team! Please complete & submit the application below. Once your application has been reviewed, a member of our team will reach out to you. If you have any questions about the application or about working at Ledford & Parker, please contact us.

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Application Form


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Eligibility for Preference

A section 3 resident seeking the preference in training and employment provided by this part shall certify, or submit evidence to the recipient contractor or subcontractor, if requested, that the person is a Section 3 resident, as defined in Section 135.5. (An example of evidence of eligibility for the preference is evidence of public housing residency, OR evidence that household income does not exceed the income guidelines, by family size, for low- or very low-income, as indicated elsewhere on this form.)

Certification for Resident Seeking Section 3 Preference in Training and Employment

and qualify as a Section 3 resident because:

I legally reside in public housing OR I meet the income eligibility guidelines for a low- or very low-income person as published on this form.

Thanks for submitting!

Pre-employment Drug Consent

I hereby consent to submit to urinalysis and/or other tests as shall be determined by Ledford & Parker Inc. in the selection process of applicants for employment, for the purpose of determining the drug content thereof.

I agree that Alpha Drug Testing Services, LLC may collect these specimens for these tests them or forward them to a testing laboratory designated by the company for analysis.

I further agree to and hereby authorize the release of the results of said tests to the company.


I understand that it is the current use of illegal drugs that prohibits me from being employed at this Company.


I further agree to hold harmless the company and its agents (including the above named physician or clinic) from any liability arising in whole or part, out of the collection of specimens, testing, and use of the information from said testings in connection with the company’s consideration of my application of employment.


I further agree that a reproduced copy of this pre-employment consent and release form shall have the same force and effect as the original.


I have carefully read the foregoing and fully understand its contents. I acknowledge that my signing of this consent and release form is a voluntary act on my part and that I have not been coerced into signing this document by anyone.


Kindly fill all required fields*

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